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 Hello, this is Dan from North Mountain Tattoo.


I specialize in portraits, photorealistic color or black and grey realism (flowers, animals, landscapes,etc.).


Please read through my booking info, it has answers to my most frequently asked questions.


I do all my consults through email, if would fill out the form and send the requested photos this will give me a better understanding of what to quote you. 


It could take a couple weeks or more to get back to you with your design. I’m booked a month in advance so we have some time to figure everything out.


I try to work on emails and designs Monday - Tuesday, so please be patient with my response time.


If you have any questions or concerns email me directly, the front desk at the shop cannot give out information on my schedule, make changes, or book appointments. 



I have a few questions for you so that I may get a better idea of what you want.


1. What do you want? (Brief description)

2. Where on your body do you want the tattoo?

3. What size would you like your tattoo to be?  (example: 6 inches by 12 inches)

4. Have someone else take a photo of the area to be tattooed and send it over. No mirror selfies.

5. Attach images to this email that somewhat resemble what you would like. To keep things more original, don’t send pictures of someone else’s tattoo.

6. What date(s) and times do you want to get tattooed, if any. 

7. Do you have a particular budget in mind?

8. How did you find me (instagram, recommendation,, etc.)

9. Include your full name along with a phone number so I can put you into the schedule.

10. Do you want color or black and grey?

11. If someone has to reschedule would you like to be put on a last minute notice list?


Please use the booking info form on the North Mountain Tattoo website, or email answers to:


The picture below is an example of what I need to design a sleeve, good lighting, relaxed arm, and photo taken perpendicular to the arm by someone else. I then black out the background and design the tattoo.

























Tattooing is $1500 per session, 800 per half session. Overall pricing depends on a lot of factors; size, placement on the body, detail in the piece, skin color, age of skin, and more. 


Tattoo duration is 6hrs per session to get the most out of each day of tattooing.

I use H2Ocean Nothing Glide with lidocaine in order to numb the skin, as it allows clients to sit longer.


For example a: 

Arm sleeve can be approximately


Leg sleeve can be approximately


Backpiece can be approximately



Full Inner forearm on average are approximately $3000

Half sleeves on average are approximately $4,500

A chest piece on average is approximately $7500

Full arm sleeves on average are approximately $15,000+

This all depends on what you want and your anatomy!


An upper arm usually takes

3 to 4 sessions

An upper arm and the inner arm usually takes

5 sessions

A lower forearm inside usually takes

2 sessions

A lower forearm outside usually takes

2 sessions

A full chest can take anywhere from

4 to 5 sessions

A full rib piece can take anywhere from 

7 to 8 sessions

A full sleeve can take anywhere from

10 to 11 sessions to complete 

I am now cash only. The best way is to go to your bank the day before the appointment and get a full session of cash out to avoid being late, as I do not allow you to go get cash after your appointment. You may use a credit or debit card but I will have to add a 5% fee to the total amount due.



- Consult- first we need to consult through email

- I will do a quick mock up the tattoo idea and we will discuss things like placement, size, color or black and grey, style, budget, approach, booking, aftercare, etc. 

- We set up an appointment date or multiple dates

- I will get everything ready for the appointment date and you will see your final design on the day of your appointment

- On the appointment day show up on time and ready to get tattooed, be prepared to wait for the stencil application, and for the stencil to dry completely before we begin

- Have the whole day open just in case, and eat a good breakfast beforehand

- Bring your photo ID

- Bring small snacks, a water bottle, a sweatshirt, a blanket or towel if needed

- Bring a phone or tablet to keep you entertained, headphones, etc. 

- Bring a lunch if needed

- Get tattooed

- Photograph tattoo and bandage

- Explanation of Aftercare

- Pay for the time spent tattooing that session

- Schedule the next appointment

- Tips are also appreciated!

- Follow aftercare instructions

- Healed photo in 4-6 weeks if available


We have H2Ocean aftercare products available at the shop to help you heal your fresh tattoo! Your tattoo will heal out brighter for color and deeper for black. They are specifically for tattoo healing, unlike aquaphor and regular lotion. 


My 9am start time is earlier than the shop opens, you can park around back and come through door 104 if the front door is locked. 


Additional Information


I do photorealistic tattoos, if you want something not realistic please check out the North Mountain Tattoo website to see more portfolios.


If you need to reschedule please let me know as soon as possible so I can try to fill the booking for someone else. 


I do not take deposits, however I charge a $500 fee for last minute cancellations, less than 72hrs in advance of the appointment time. This applies to all clients, no exceptions. This is not a deposit and will not go toward your tattoo, it is only to enable you to schedule another appointment. I do not move my clients appointments around very much and I cannot have clients rescheduling over and over. If you keep rescheduling on me month after month, unfortunately I will have to stop work on your tattoo indefinitely and you will have to find another artist. 


I don’t do large extensive cover ups, but something small in the right place can be covered, however photorealism isn’t always the best for this. In some instances I might be able to cover up a tattoo if given full artistic freedom.


I do not take walk ins, work on/finish/fix other artists work. 


Confirmations go out before your appointment but it is ultimately your responsibility to remember your scheduled date.


I do not offer free touch ups, my work heals out great when the aftercare instructions are followed. I layer my tattoos like a painting so they are saturated and will age well over time.


Exercise is not recommended during the healing process. Take 2 weeks rest, or at least until the tattoo has gone through it’s peeling.


Children under 18 are not allowed in the shop, nor can they sit with you for your appointment. You must be 18 years or older to get tattooed. 


Keep in touch with me before the tattoo if you have a scratch over the body part getting tattooed, if you are sick, have an infection or are on antibiotics, if you waxed and your skin is irritated, if you are sunburnt, or anything else that involves your skin where you are getting the tattoo. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email. Please do not call or email the shop, they will just refer you to my email. 


For multiple sessions, I will need a month in between each appointment to let the skin fully heal before layering over previous sessions. If your tattoo is big, like a sleeve or back piece, we can plan to have a session every two weeks or I’ve even done every week with some sleeves. 


Arrive to your appointment clean, sober and ready. Avoid taking any pills, drinking, smoking, tanning, spray tanning, or working out a couple days before the appointment. Avoid anything that will thin your blood or change your skin, be careful waxing, using hair removal products, and even using oils or lotions the day of the appointment.


If you have a lot of hair in the place you want tattooed, you could trim down the hair with trimmers, just be careful not to cut or scratch the skin. Allow your artist to shave the arm so the skin doesn’t get damaged.


An aftercare card explaining everything will be given to you at the end of the first appointment, along with verbal instructions. I’ve also added the aftercare instructions near the end of this message. Email me immediately if there is any questions during healing, and the shop number is at the bottom if you have an emergency and need to talk to someone. 


Avoid making changes to the design or placement on the body the day of the appointment. This is usually how mistakes will happen. The design should always flow in a certain direction and is customized to each location its intended for. Make sure the design is for the right body part and facing the way you want in the design phase and it will help help everyone be on the same page.


Please don’t come to your appointment wrapped up with numbing cream without my knowledge.


The consent form is a sent to you through text and email so if you complete it the night before you will be checked in when you arrive to your appointment. Make sure the photo of your ID is clean and readable or we might have you fill it out again when you get to the shop. Please bring ID to your appointment. 


Keep responding to the same email thread so everything stays together and makes it easier for me to refer to previous conversations. 


The appointment dates I send out through email are subject to change depending on your response time, as in first come first serve. I will respond with the day, date, and time, confirming I have you in the schedule. 


Thanks for your interest in my art! Talk to you soon! 


Aftercare Instructions 


-Wear the Derm for the first 24hrs. Once the time is up, it’s best to warm up the Derm in the shower first by letting warm water run across it. Remove the Derm in the direction of hair growth and wash the skin with our H2Ocean soap, then continue the Peel part of the aftercare. 


-After a full 24hrs you going to take the plastic wrap (or Derm) off, wash it for the last time with soap and water, and apply a small amount of lotion to cover the surface of the tattoo. Keep applying lotion 3-4 times a day until the tattoo starts to peel. When it’s ready, the tattoo will peel, when it peels do not pick at the flakes, let them fall off naturally and wait for the whole first top layer to peel off before going back to swimming, working out, sunbathing etc. 

-During this time right before the peel, in the shower you can get the tattoo wet but don’t soak in the tub or let the shower hit the tattoo for a long period of time. When it starts peeling, stop applying lotion and stop getting the tattoo wet.

-Once the whole tattoo has peeled off there will be a really dry layer of skin underneath, you don’t have to wait for this to peel completely, you can start getting the tattoo wet and using lotion to help heal the skin the rest the way. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal depending on the skin type and the person wearing it. 


      Cling Wrap - if you are allergic to adhesives

-At the end of the session, I’m going to wrap up your tattoo with a piece of plastic wrap and I want  you to change it in 5 hours. 

-Take the plastic bandage off and throw it away, rinse off your arm with warm water, apply a quarter size amount of soap and lather up the whole tattoo using your palm and then going over the whole tattoo with your fingertips massaging the soap into the skin. 

-Rinse all the soap off with really warm water, you can dry off the skin around the tattoo with a clean towel or new paper towel but don’t dry off the tattoo, and let the tattoo air dry for 1-2 minutes, no more no less. Repetitive drying of the tattoo with a towel can irritate an already damaged area. 

-Apply a very thin coat of our Aquatat ointment, and wrap it back up with a brand new piece of plastic wrap. Too much ointment can suffocate the skin and draw ink out. 

-Repeat this process every 5 hours during the day, right before you go to bed, and right when you wake up in the morning for a full day starting at the time the tattoo session was finished. You don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to wash the tattoo. 

-In the shower during the first 24hrs you want to unwrap the tattoo, rinse it off when you get in the shower, be careful in the shower not to get any other soaps shampoos or conditioners into the tattoo and wash your tattoo at the end of the shower just to make sure it’s clean of any other soaps. 

-Rewrap the tattoo when you’re done with the shower and continue every 5 hours to change the bandage. Try not to sweat, work out, submerge the tattoo in any water including, bathtubs, hot tubs, lakes, etc.

-After 24hrs, unwrap for the last time and wash with soap. Contine the Peel instructions thereafter to complete the healing with cling wrap.


If you have any questions or think your tattoo is healing poorly, please email me right away.



Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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