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My name is Toby Gehrlich and I hail from the country side of Ohio. I spent most of my time either in the woods surrounding my childhood home, or creating my own fantastical worlds through my natural ability to draw . I'm lucky to have had the support of my parents and grandparents in my pursuit of honing my artistic skills. Coming from a family full of artists and craftsman help me to learn that I should always strive be better than yesterday ,as well as a solid work ethic. I have been now tattooing for 21 years and love to tattoo a large array of styles and subject matter. I am particularly drawn to anything to deal with Nature, Alien Organic, Galactic concept, Surrealistic imagery, historical and Spiritual themes when it comes to tattooing or painting. I believe that a tattoo experience should be a balanced mixture of comfort, professionalism, unique artwork in a safe and sterile environment. I currently live in Scottsdale with my artist wife Christine and German Shepard child Signey.

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