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I specialize in Black and Grey / Color Photorealism. Portraits, Flowers, Animals, Landscapes are some of the subjects I tattoo the most but I also like Greek Mythology Statues, Space, Eyes, and Skulls as well. My favorite subject is Portraits but anything realistic is usually something I like to do!



My name is Dan Mattingly and I was born in Richmond, Indiana where I started my tattooing career. I worked there for a year before moving to Phoenix and a month later I was welcomed into Divinity Tattoo. After working with Paolo for many years I took over the location at Cactus and Cave Creek. I work very hard to create a great tattooing experience, with my client in mind at all times. It's my goal to create a work of art on the skin that flows with the body and will look good for the rest of your life. After 17 years of tattooing all over Arizona, my goal is to contine evolving my art and taking the shop north and up the mountain. 

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